Mikey Acuna's Story

I've been an athlete my whole life since the time I was coherent enough to hold a toy football. I've played soccer, basketball, football, baseball and have even trained in Muay Thai as well as dance. You'd think that for somebody so active that I'd of had the physique to match. However, that was never the case. Eating "properly" was always so difficult for me figure out/stick with(major sweet tooth).

As I discovered weightlifting and eventually Crossfit, my desire to get the body weight down while still maintaining and even gaining strength grew to the point where I was willing to try just about anything. Thankfully, I was introduced to Riki through a member at my gym. I'd heard of "flexible dieting" before but didn't quite understand how it could apply to me.

I started working with Riki in December '14. I'm 5'7 and was weighing in at about 200-203lbs at the time. Fast forward to now (March 3rd, 2015), I'm still only 5'7 (LOL) but I now weigh in at 183lbs. Not to mention I've maintained my hard fought off season strength as I now pursue a lot of exercising for time. Thank you for guidance Riki! I truly appreciate it.


Caitlin Weinsheimer's Story


Just like every other Crossfitter, I fell into the Paleo lifestyle for a while. I wasn't eating any processed carbs, only sweet potatoes and vegetables, and I was eating a lot of protein at every meal coupled with a lot of fat. While on the paleo diet I found myself to be tired and not have the stamina during my workouts that I felt I needed. I was crashing during my workouts and exhausted after a day's training.


When Riki first started flexible diet coaching I asked her if she could give me some numbers to work with in hopes of getting back to myself. Only two weeks into tracking I could feel a huge difference in my energy levels during the day. During my training I was able to push harder for a longer period of time. I soon realized that my body wasn't getting what it needed from the paleo diet and counting macros was exactly what I needed!

When I first started counting, I was already pretty lean and I just wanted to maintain my body weight, but after a months of counting my body changed in ways I didn't know it could. I was leaner than I had ever been and feeling the best I had ever felt! If you're looking to fuel your body with what it needs and get lean and mean, flexible dieting is for you!

Tori Reccord'S STORY

After a couple years of CrossFit without seeing much change in my body, I decided to give the whole "macro" thing a try. I was hesitant at first. The idea of tracking everything I ate was intimidating, but the flexibility aspect drew me in. I received some initial numbers from Riki, attended one of her seminars, and ended up losing about 10lbs in a few months. I later decided to get her advice on adjusting my numbers as I was taking a break from my typical CrossFit routine and tackling weightlifting full time. We discussed a reverse diet... Something I had never heard of... And after 8 weeks I not only shed a couple more pounds, but was eating more while seeing major improvements in my performance. Macros and flexible dieting have not only changed my life and my body, but my mentality and self confidence. For the first time in my life, I am loving myself at every stage. I am loving the food I put in my body and loving the things I am capable of because of it. I am PRing lifts that I established when I was 15 pounds heavier... and to me, that's pretty fucking cool! I can't thank Riki enough for her guidance and inspiration. I have a healthier relationship with food, and most importantly, with myself.