You will receive customized macros based on your weight, activity, lifestyle, goals, etc. Along with custom macros, Riki will send you tips and guidelines to ensure successful tracking and progress.

This package includes custom macros and remote coaching with Riki. We will communicate via phone daily, and email weekly. This is a perfect package if you are looking for accountability. 

Leave all the thinking and planning to Riki. All you have to do is prep and eat your meals and snacks at the suggested times. Riki has experience working with vegetarians, vegans, picky eaters, etc. What separates Riki’s Meal Planning to others’ is that it is totally customized to YOUR grocery list. You will NOT see the generic meal plan here. Riki is also available to you via phone; you were invited to a pizza party tomorrow?!?! Text Riki and she will figure out a plan with you. 

Must have already purchased a macro plan from Riki within the last 6 months.

Riki has successfully cut to the 48kg and 53kg weight classes for the last four years; she has never not made weight. This program is for the athlete that needs help cutting the last few pounds in order to make weight for their lifting competition. Riki will double check your current diet, sodium intake, and walk you through your water loading protocol. She will make herself available all the way through your weigh-in.